Graphics in 2005

Gigamensch Gnip Gnop

Installed as part of the AS220 Residents Show in August 2005.

This exciting 2 player game is based on the popular musical “Gigamensch!” In that play, a soldier of indeterminate nationality is swallowed by the deserts of modern Iraq after the rest of his unit is savagely killed by an indeterminant enemy. He steps in and out of a hallucinatory dream world of the Babylonian hero Gilgamesh as he wanders through the ruins of ancient Uruk.

He is confronted with thirteen tribulations:

The Tribulation of Feet
The Struggle of Study
The Challenge of Elbows
The Apocatastisis of Olives
The Problem of Bones
The Contest of Bottles
The Question of Things
The Quorum of Vultures
The Battle of Humbaba
The Trial of Ears
The Throne of Eggs
The Confrontation of Pith
The Misfortune of Eyes

After surmounting the 13 trials, he returns to reality and his small town community. His hard won wisdom of the nature of mortality and worldly achievement earns him the mantle of “Gigamensch.”

Smash the buttons to send the balls flying through the ancient walls of Uruk. Be the first player to free yourself from the thirteen tribulations and you win! You’re the Gigamensch! This classic game combines speed and skill with head-to-head competition.

Are you ready for Gigamensch Gnip Gnop?


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